Introduction to RabMAb® Primary Antibody Technology

Join Weimin Zhu, the RabMAb technology founder, for this introduction

RabMAb®​ technology is Abcam's unique Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody technology.  This technology combines the superior antigen recognition of a rabbit antibody with the specificity and consistency of a monoclonal. 

RabMAb primary AIF Ki67

Learn why RabMAb® technology:

  • provides higher affinity and specificity compared to traditional antibodies
  • often gives lower background signal compared to traditional antibodies
  • provides diverse epitope recognition
  • is ideal for studying mouse models
  • is ideal for demanding applications like IHC on FFPE tissue

About the Presenter:

Mr. Weimin Zhu received his M.S. in Cell Biology at Xiamen University, China. He was a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Pathology of Zhejiang Medical University where he began his monoclonal antibody study. He then moved to University of California San Francisco as a senior associate specialist, where he pioneered rabbit monoclonal antibody technology (created new rabbit fusion partner 240E-W) and established the high-throughput system for rabbit hybridoma generation.

Using this technology, he led his team to develop many high-quality rabbit MAbs and identifying cancer-specific molecules. Mr. Zhu is the author of more than 20 scientific publications and coinventor of several patents.