Question (2740) | Anti-Tyrosine Hydroxylase antibody (ab113)

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To my understanding you are selling antibodies from Novus Biologicals. I am interested in either NB 300-108,a monoclonal mouse anti-TH, or NB 300-110, a polyclonal sheep anti-TH antibody. Do you have any idea what antibody would work best for immunohistochemistry on rat brain? I would also like ask about how to order the antibody, prices and how long time before the delivery to Stockholm, Sweden?


Dear Sir: Both of these antibodies can be used for immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry. The difference is that the NB300-108 is sensitive enough to stain fibers in the cerebral cortex. The cost of these two antibodies is $175. We would ship these antibodies, using dry ice ($10) and the delivery charge would be $60. This would be a total of $245 (USD). Delivery would take 2 business days to arrive to you from our establishment. I hope this reply answers all of your questions. Best Regards, Kate Lynott, DSO Novus Biologicals, Inc.