RNA interference (RNAi) regulates gene expression through 20–24 bp RNA molecules called small interfering RNAs (siRNAs). siRNAs mediate sequence degradation of target messenger RNA (mRNA) through a mechanism involving Dicer, RISC complex and Argonaute proteins. Browse our resources and products to help you with your RNAi research.


Non-coding RNA & miRNA

Find resources and technologies to help you with your microRNA and non-coding RNA research.

A guide to non-coding RNA

Learn how lncRNAs, miRNAs and other ncRNAs play a big role in epigenetics, and how to study RNA and RNA-protein interactions.

Our new multiplex miRNA technology

Following the acquisition of Firefly BioWorks, Abcam are pleased to offer researchers a new multiplex technology for miRNA profiling.

Firefly miRNA discovery engine

The Firefly discovery engine scans thousands of papers to find the most important miRNAs for your research.

RNA modifications

Epigenetics modifications on RNA, such as m6a, are becoming increasingly important in biology. Discover how Abcam can help with your RNA experiments.

Top Epigenetics articles

Looking for current Epigenetics research? Every month we review top articles covering DNA modifications, chromatin, techniques and more.

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