DNA methylation

Are you looking for useful information on products and applications to enhance your DNA methylation research? Here we have compiled guides, webinars and product information about 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine and the current methods to study them. Take a look and find out how we can help you with this area of Epigenetics.


A guide to DNA methylation

DNA methylation occurs on cytosines within CpG islands to form 5-methylcytidine (5-mc). Find out more about how to study this epigenetic process.

Epigenetic modifications poster

Brush up your knowledge and make your mark in epigenetic research with our new poster on DNA and histone modifications.

Bisulfite and bisulfite-seq kits

From simple bisulfite conversion to post-bisulfite sequencing, use our kits to measure 5mC at single loci or across the whole genome.

DNA methylation kits

Quantify DNMT and TET activity, perform MeDIP and bisulfite-based applications, or detect cytosine modifications in a variety of samples.

RNA methylation

The significance of epigenetic modification of RNA is becoming increasing clear. Discover how we can help with your RNA experiments.

Scientist of the month

Ever wondered what makes a world-leading scientist tick? Read our monthly interviews with top scientists in Epigenetics research.