Cell cycle

Regulated by a set of cyclins and kinases (CDKs), the cell cycle is central to many cellular processes such as apoptosis, cell differentiation and proliferation. Changes in chromosome structure and epigenetic modifications such as H3S10ph play a role during the different phases of the cell cycle. Explore our resources and tools to study the cell cycle.


FACS analysis of the cell cycle

Read how propidium iodid and other DNA stains can be used to assess cell cycle using flow cytometry.

G1-S transition interactive pathway

View our cell cycle G1-S interactive pathway outlining mechanisms whereby cyclins and Cdks regulate cell cycle progression at the G1 to S-phase transition.

Cell-cycle regulation pathway card

Get an overview on the cell cycle and the role that Cdks and Cyclins play in it and download your own copy of the brand new cell cycle pathway card.

G2-M transition interactive pathway

Discover our cell cycle G2/M interactive pathway outlining the mechanisms whereby DNA damage can trigger a stop at the G2 to M-phase transition.

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