Epigenetics assays and kits

We provide assays and sample preparation kits for many epigenetics applications. Find bisulfite sequencing and MeDIP kits for DNA methylation analysis, kits for ChIP and ChIP-seq, and chromatin and histone extraction kits. We have also compiled a series of useful articles and webinars on the newest epigenetics applications.


ChIP kits

Our easy to use kits are a great way to perform ChIP and ChIP-seq from a variety of samples and input amounts.

Bisulfite and bisulfite-seq kits

From simple bisulfite conversion to the more recent post-bisulfite sequencing, we offer kits solutions to measure 5-methylcytosine (5mC) level at single loci or across the whole genome.

DNA methylation kits

We offer a range of kits to help you quantify DNMT and TET activity, perform MeDIP/hMeDIP and bisulfite-based applications, and detect cytosine modifications in a variety of samples.

Chromatin and histones extraction kits

Chromatin & histone extraction kits, optimized for use with epigenetic modification detection kits, ensuring you start your analysis with an optimal sample.

Our new multiplex miRNAs technology

Following the acquisition of Firefly BioWorks, Abcam are pleased to offer researchers a new multiplex technology for miRNA profiling.

Epigenetics protocols

Popular epigenetic protocols for applications such as Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP), RIP and CLIP.

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