Everything you need to unlock the power of immuno-oncology biomarkers.

Cancer immunotherapies are efficient and have durable effects, but to fully unleash the power of immunotherapy against cancer requires identification of biomarkers to predict patient response.

To support you in your research to identify immuno-oncology biomarkers, our comprehensive range of flexible and validated immuno-oncology tools is on hand. Our immuno-oncology range includes products for key immunotherapy targets including PD-L1, CTLA-4, and CXCR4

Take a flexible approach

Our antibodies to immuno-oncology targets are available in multiple formats: whether you are looking for a conjugated primary antibody, ELISA kit, or BSA-only formulation, search our catalog to find the right format for your research.

Generate data you can trust

To give you specific and reproducible results, our antibodies are supported by extensive data and validation in relevant applications. Our immuno-oncology range also includes knockout-validated antibodies for confirmed specificity.

Key products in the range


PD-L1 is a key biomarker for cancer therapeutic efficacy. Study PD-L1 from every angle with our knockout-validated PD-L1 [clone 28-8] rabbit monoclonal antibody. With no cross-reactivity to PD-L2 you can ensure you generate specific and sensitive data.

​​Figure 1. Knock-out validation results using PD-L1 [28-8] rabbit monoclonal antibody. Left wild type L2987 cells, right PD-L1 KB L2987 cells.

Also in the range:


The recent use of FDA-approved inhibitors of CTLA-4 for successful immunotherapies has sparked an interest in this immune-checkpoint modulator. Further your own CTLA-4 research and make the next immunotherapy breakthrough using our range of CTLA-4 antibodies.


Check in with the important immune checkpoint protein PD-1 with our conjugated and unconjugated primary antibodies.


Activate your immune response and your research with our conjugated and unconjugated antibodies to CXCR4.


Investigate TNF-alpha in your immuno-oncology research.

Can't see what you need? Whatever immuno-oncology targets you are investigating, find the products you need on our extensive catalog. Start here.

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