Trial size antibodies to help you discover more

​​​​Find the best reagents for your research with 10 µl trial sizes

Looking to try out an antibody at the start of your project? Our 10 µl trial sizes allow you test more antibodies before investing in a larger antibody vial. 

Currently, 10 µl trial size antibodies are available for a selection of mouse monoclonals and many of our recombinant and RabMAb® antibodies – our line of high-quality rabbit monoclonal antibodies. RabMAb antibodies provide the combined benefits of the superior antigen recognition of the rabbit immune system with the specificity and consistency of a monoclonal antibody. Our recombinant antibody technology offers even more advantages such as scalability and security of supply. 

If you see the below icon on the product during your search, then we have a 10 µl vial of that antibody ready for your lab to test.



Antibody panels

We have created antibody panels that are designed to provide you with the right products for multiple target analysis in a cost-effective and convenient format. Each panel contains selected high quality antibodies in smaller pack sizes. This is ideal for starting new projects or those that require less volume. 

We recommend you contact our Scientific Support team to help you choose the best products for your research needs.

Support and services for Abcam products

With our trial size antibodies you will still receive the great services we provide with all our products: