Immunooncology elisa kits

IHC optimized antibodies against Immuno-oncology targets

Find out about our extended range of recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies 

We've added to our range of best-in-class IHC optimized recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies to bring you access to more highly validated antibodies against key immuno-oncology targets.

The Cal antibody clones have been specifically developed for use in research and clinical labs, and are optimized for use with human or mouse samples.

As with our exciting recombinant antibodies, they will provide lot-to-lot consistency, specificity and sensitivity, and easy scalibility. 

Benefits of Cal antibodyTM​ clones

  • Optimized for use in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) human or mouse tissue samples

  • Include key Immuno-oncology targets such as  PD-L1 clone CAL10 (ab237726), CTLA4 clone CAL49 (ab237712), PD1 clone CAL20 (ab237727)

  • Recognized in the field of IHC pathology and Dx, eg PD-L1 clone CAL10 (ab237726)

  • Provide lot-to-lot consistency, specificity, sensitivity, and easy scalibility

TargetAb IDClone IDApplicationsSpecies Reactivity
CD3 epsilon (Human)237707CAL54IHC-PHu
CD3 epsilon (Mouse)237721CAL57IHC-P​Ms​
CD8 (Human)237709CAL66IHC-PHu
CD8 (Mouse)237723CAL38IHC-PMs
ErbB 2237715CAL27IHC-PHu
Met (c-Met)237711CAL12IHC-PHu
GITR / TNFRSF18 (Human)237713CAL52IHC-PHu
GITR / TNFRSF18 (Mouse)237725CAL61IHC-PMs

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