Quantify fibrinogen in 90 minutes

Get rapid results with fibrinogen SimpleStep ELISA® kits.

Fibrinogen is an excellent biomarker for immune system perturbation. With our human and mouse SimpleStep ELISA kits, you can assess immune system function in just 90 minutes, using a one-wash protocol.

How do SimpleStep ELISA kits compare?

Table 1. Fibrinogen SimpleStep ELISA kits are between 40- and 80-times more sensitive than the leading competitors and give results in just 90 minutes.

ProductSpeciesRange (ng/mL)Sensitivity (ng/mL)Assay time
Abcam fibrinogen SimpleStep ELISA kitHu1.6–1000.18890 min
Leading competitor fibrinogen ELISA kitHu15.6–1,0007.63.5 h
Abcam fibrinogen SimpleStep ELISA kitMs218.7–14,0000.03890 min
Leading competitor fibrinogen ELISA kitMs3.1–2003.04 h

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