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Multiplex immunoassays with FirePlex® particles: fully customizable and highly sensitive

Ready to move beyond beads and arrays? FirePlex particles give you high performance, flexible, and convenient multiplex assays.

FirePlex immunoassays feature fully customizable multiplex panels that allow you to analyze up to 75 analytes per well using 12.5 µL of sample. The assays use our unique porous FirePlex particles and high-performance recombinant monoclonal antibody pairs to provide up to a 5-log dynamic range and 0.5 pg/mL assay sensitivity. FirePlex assays are validated with sample types like plasma, serum, and urine, and can be either run on your own flow cytometer or samples can be sent for analysis in our service lab.

How FirePlex immunoassays work

The FirePlex immunoassay is run in a 96-well filter plate, streamlining wash steps using a vacuum manifold. The multiplex assay run-time is 2.5 hours followed by flow cytometry using a compatible flow cytometer. Our unique three-region particle encoding uses a combination of fluorescent dyes to distinguish individual analytes and to quantify the amount of analyte present. The FirePlex particles are also used in our multiplex miRNA assays, thus enabling analysis of miRNA and protein analytes on the same platform.

Highly sensitive with a broad dynamic range

The sensitivity and broad dynamic range of the FirePlex immunoassays enable you to quantify both low and high abundance analytes without needing to run multiple sample dilutions – saving precious sample.

  • Reliable quantitation from <1 to 30,000 pg/mL
  • Median assay sensitivity of 0.5 pg/mL
  • Consistent performance from lot-to-lot with recombinant monoclonal antibody pairs

Sensitivity benchmarking. FirePlex cytokine assay sensitivity for 44 human and 50 mouse cytokines was benchmarked against the sensitivity stated on the assay datasheet for standard sensitivity Luminex assays from the four leading suppliers. Sensitivity data for equivalent analytes was not always publicly available and was collated across the four suppliers.

Dynamic range benchmarking. The dynamic range for FirePlex assays for 15 key human cytokines (red) was benchmarked (based on standard curve data on assay datasheets) against Luminex assays from the four leading suppliers. Mean range and standard deviation are shown.

Fully customizable with a wide choice of analytes

FirePlex assays give you the freedom to build your perfect multiplex panel.

  • Assemble your own custom panel from assays from more than 200* analytes or select a pre-designed cytokine panel
  • Customize pre-designed panels with additional analytes
  • Low restriction on analyte combinations due to FirePlex particle design 

Comparison of the number of cytokine analytes available for FirePlex Immunoassays vs competitors (A and B = bead-based assays for flow cytometers, c = proprietary multiplex array). *For FirePlex multiplex assays, red bars indicate currently available analytes and pink bars indicate additional analytes available in April 2017 for human cytokines and July 2017 for mouse cytokines.

Compatible flow cytometers

FirePlex immunoassays can be conveniently run on your own existing flow cytometer, eliminating the need to purchase dedicated equipment. FirePlex particles are validated for use with the following flow cytometers fitted with green, yellow and red detectors.

  • Millipore's Guava EasyCyte™
  • BD Biosciences' Accuri™ C6
  • ThermoFisher's Attune® (limited analyte list; not validated for the NxT)
  • BD Biosciences' FACSCanto™, LSRII, and LSRFortessa™
    • Required laser and filter configuration for FACSCanto™, LSRII and LSRFortessa™
      • Either blue 488 nm laser excitation for green Em525, yellow Em570 and red Em667 filters, or
      • Blue laser excitation for green and red filters, and yellow/green 561 nm/532 nm laser excitation for the yellow filter
  • Our Cytometer Setup kit (ab211043) can be used to ensure cytometer is compatible and has appropriate settings.

Don't have access to a compatible flow cytometer? You can still profile cytokines with the help of our sample profiling team.

Sensitive, flexible, convenient

FirePlex moves beyond traditional multiplex assays that require dedicated equipment and offer you a broad range of analytes without ever compromising sensitivity or dynamic range.

Get your pre-designed or custom panel

Human analytes  |  Mouse analytes

FirePlex® is a registered trade mark in the United States and is an unregistered trade mark elsewhere.