Multiplex Circulating miRNA Immunology Panel

Efficiently survey the miRNAs most relevant to autoimmune disease and blood-based cancer diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in a liquid biopsy.

We select the miRNAs for you

​​Our immunology focus panel has been designed to profile expression of 68 miRNAs differentially regulated in normal versus abnormal immunological stases.

These miRNAs have been chosen based on a detailed study of the most up-to-date results in peer-reviewed journals giving you the confidence of a robust experimental design. We’ve done the hard work for you to give you a head start for your research.

The pre-selected miRNAs exhibit differential regulation in whole blood, plasma, serum, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) or isolated exosomes.


Which miRNAs are in this panel?

This panel features both general markers for multiple immunology-related diseases, and markers specific to certain autoimmune diseases and blood-based cancers. Included in the panels are also:

  • Internal controls to validate assay performance
  • Four stably expressed miRNAs to help with data normalization

View the complete miRNA list and supporting references.

60 of the 68 miRNAs chosen are identical in mouse and humans, so this panel may be valuable to researchers studying circulating miRNAs in human or mouse models.

Profile directly from serum, plasma, exosome or purified RNA

Select a core reagent kit to use in combination with your focus panel depending on your input sample: 

Studying a specific cancer?

For certain specific types of cancers we suggest researchers the following panels:

​Haven't found the miRNAs you are looking for? Design a custom panel.