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​Focus on miRNA biomarkers

The search for miRNA biomarkers for a range of diseases is well underway. We review why miRNAs have such potential as biomarkers and review current literature in the field. ​Read the article now.

​Our miRNAs as biomarkers series examines the role of miRNAs in specific areas: cancer, nervous system disorders and  stem cells and differentiation.

The rise of ​miRNA research ​

In recent years, much attention has been focused on the regulatory activity of a class of RNAs known as microRNAs (miRNAs). Although there is now widespread interest in miRNAs, this wasn't always the case. Indeed, these short (~22 bp) non-coding RNA sequences were only discovered in 1993 by Victor Ambros and colleagues.

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MicroRNAs in exosomes ​

​​​Research suggests that microRNAs travel around the body contained within exosomes. In this article, we examine recent progress in this exciting field.​

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MicroRNA assay methods: a review of current technologies

Although bioinformatics plays a big part in identifying putative miRNAs, they also need to be experimentally verified in the lab. A range of techniques have been developed to overcome the challenges of miRNA profiling and here we review the most popular methods currently in use.

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MicroRNA database and target prediction tools index

Our compilation of over 30 miRNA research tools includes databases, target predictors and deep sequencing tools.

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