FirePlex seminar with The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Join presenters Dr Nicole Polinski from The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) for Parkinson's research and Dr Elnaz Atabakhsh from Abcam as they explain how the FirePlex® immunoassays help discover biomarkers for Parkinson's disease. 

Learn more about the latest research on Parkinson's Disease and how the FirePlex® platform is helping to profile neuroinflammatory biomarkers in patient samples.​


​Hover over the video (56 min) and click the top left button to jump to a specific chapter:

  • Introduction to Parkinson's disease and The Michael J. Fox Foundation (8 minutes)
  • Importance of investigating inflammation in Parkinson's disease (8 minutes)
  • Future directions of Parkinson's disease research (30 minutes)
  • The FirePlex technology platform and biomarker profiling (10 minutes)


Dr Nicole Polinski and Dr Elnaz Atabakhsh discuss the importance of developing biomarkers for Parkinson's and the successful partnership between MJFF and Abcam.

​Read the interview here.


FirePlex assay performance is already advancing biomedical research, and you can read more about this research in our publications list here.

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