Chromatin and histone extraction

In epigenetics, good starting material is the key to good data.

Why risk your experiments using sub-optimal sample preparation methods? Our chromatin and histone extraction kits have been developed so that you can start your epigenetic analysis with an optimal sample.

Chromatin extraction kitsHistone extraction kits

Chromatin IP

In vitro DNA-protein binding assays

Chromatin enzyme assays

Histone detection
Input sample Cells / tissueCells / tissue
Input amount*105 cells / 10 mg tissue105 cells / 1 mg tissue
Processing time<60 minutes<60 minutes
Sample yield*4 µg from 50 mg tissue / 106 cells400 µg from 100 mg tissue / 107 cells
Extracted sampleChromatin (DNA & bound protein)Histone protein

* Amount of input sample required and yield of final sample will vary depending on the type of cell or tissue.