Benchmarking the FirePlexᵀᴹ miRNA assays

In this technical note, we demonstrate that our miRNA assays provide miRNA profiles that correlate well with currently available technology and show excellent reproducibility.


The full utility of miRNA profiling has yet to be realized due to the limited throughput of existing validation technologies, errors introduced during sample purification and insufficient methods used for analytical normalization and quality control.

We introduce FirePlex particle technology with assays that enable researchers to rapidly and cost-effectively evaluate miRNA biomarker signatures on standard flow cytometers. In order to accommodate studies in solid tissues and circulating biofluids, we developed the FirePlex miRNA assay, respectively.

We demonstrate that this assay provides miRNA profiles that correlate well with currently available miRNA profiling technology and show excellent reproducibility even with diminishing RNA input. We have integrated bioinformatics tools into our assays to effectively interpret experimental data, help identify candidate signatures and produce publication-quality figures.

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