Question (66059) | Anti-HGF antibody (ab24865)

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Will this antibody recognize the inactive & active form of the protein?


Thank you for contacting Abcam.

The antibody was generated against the active recombinant protein of HGF, so it should also recognize the inactive precursor form. However we do not have the possibility to check it.

Also, there is a 90% level of homology between the human sequence and mouse, therefore there is strong chance that the antibody will work in this species. As ab24865 has not been tested in mouse samples, you can participate in our AbTrial program. Simply follow these easy steps below to apply for our AbTrial Program:

1. Reply to this email, letting us know you are interested in testing this product.

2. Our scientists will email you an inactive personal discount code for the value of the product.

3. Purchase and test the product at the regular price.

4. Submit your results, including your discount code in the additional notes section of your Abreview.

5. Once the Abreview is submitted, the discount code will become active.

6. Apply your discount code on your next order to receive that value off.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this offer and I would be happy to help you further.

The Terms and Conditions of this offer can be found at: