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Immunology conference and events calendar 2019/20

​​Searching for a list of immunology conferences, meetings, workshops and congresses being held globally? Look no further – we have these events covered.

13-17 Jan 2019 ConferenceHost and the Environment in IBD: Scientific Advances Leading to New TherapeuticsKeystone SymposiaTaos, NM, USA
13-18 Jan 2019 ConferenceMechanisms of Fungal ImmunopathologyGRCGalveston, TX, USA
20–24 Jan
Cancer VaccinesKeystone SymposiaVancouver, Canada
20-24 Jan 2019 ConferenceIntegrated Pathways of Disease in NASH and NAFLDKeystone SymposiaSanta Fe, NM, USA
02-05 Feb 2019 SymposiumTranscription and RNA Regulation in Inflammation and ImmunityKeystone SymposiaTahoe City, CA, USA
10–14 Feb
B Cell-T Cell InteractionsKeystone SymposiaKeystone, CO, US
18–22 Feb
Uncovering Mechanisms of Immune-Based Therapy in Cancer and AutoimmunityKeystone SymposiaBreckenridge, CO, US
24–28 Feb
Myeloid CellsKeystone SymposiaSanta Fe, NM, US
10-14 Mar 2019 SymposiumCancer Immunology: Mechanistic Insights to Improve Clinical BenefitKeystone SymposiaBritish Columbia, Canda
10-15 Mar 2019 ConferenceBiological Means to Build. Decipher and Interpret the Complexity of the GlycomeGRCBarga, Italy
07-12 Apr 2019 ConferenceHow to Alterations in DNA Sequence and Chromatin Modifications Impact Cancer Etiology and TherapyGRCBarga, Italy
05-10 May 2019 Conference8th Congress of the Intrernational Biolron SocietyEMBLHeidelberg, Germany
09-13 May 2019 ConferenceAnnual Meeting of the American Association of ImmunologistsAAISan Diego, CA, USA
24-27 May 2019 ConferenceMetabolism in Health and Disease ConferenceFusion ConferencesPuerto Vallarta, Mexico
28-30 May 2019 ConferenceBioMalPar XV: Biology and Pathology of the Malaria ParasiteEMBLHeidelberg, Germany
30 May-02 Jun 2019 Conference3rd Personalized Medicine ConferenceFusion ConferencesPuerto Vallarta, Mexico
03-04 June 2019 ConferenceBiological Solutions for the Global CO2 ChallengeEMBLHeidelberg, Germany
10-15 June 2019 ConferenceAdvances in Immunology and Immunotechnology: Insights in the Regulation of Protective and Pathological Immune ResponsesGRCWest Dover, VT, USA
25-26 June 2019 ConferenceImmunometabolism: Fundamentals to Prospective New TherapiesAbcamBoston, MA, USA
10-13 July 2019New Approaches and Concepts in MicrobiologyEMBLHeidelberg, Germany
04-09 Aug 2019 ConferenceBasic Biological Insights Driving Control of Staphylococcal InfectionsGRCCastelldefels, Spain
18-20 Sept 2019 ConferenceCanadian Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium Annual Meeting 2019AbcamToronto, Canada
20-22 Oct 2019
2019 AACI/CCAF Annual MeetingAACIWashington, D.C., USA
20-23 Nov 2019 HeidelbergMetabolism Meets EpigeneticsEMBLHeidelberg, Germany