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​​Learn more about our collaborative custom services, enriched with the addition of thousands of new products and datasheets each year.

Drug discovery

Find what you need from our diverse catalogue of high quality:

Supporting you and your team

​Discover more and save time with comprehensive product support, guaranteed product applications, and experienced scientists supporting your needs.

All our antibodies are rich in validated data, generated by in-house labs, peer reviewed publications and customer reviews. Get experimental success with a product in the specified applications or your money back.

Target validation

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies (RabMAbs®) combine the superior antigen recognition of the rabbit immune system with the specificity and consistency of a monoclonal antibody.​​​

Our antibody Custom Services are tailored to your needs and specifications. We offer polyclonal antibody generation, stable cell line development, assay development and screening services in addition to rabbit monoclonal generation. Learn more about how Custom Services can help you with your research.

Assay development

We offer products for assay development that accompany our high quality antibodies. These include matched antibody pairs, assay controls, capture or detection proteins and secondary labels.

In addition to routine pack sizes, assay development reagents are available in bulk.


To fulfil your high throughput screening, we offer beneficial options with reagents for assay development and validated assays. 

Browse assays validated for HTS.

With our in-house skills, and comprehensive network of partners, we have the ability to source bespoke or bulk quotas of specified proteins faster and more cost effectively than individual screening groups. We can also fulfil your unique requirements for capture and signal conjugated antibodies.

Discuss your bespoke needs with us.

Compound profiling

Our ELISA and ELIPAIR kits include established assays for known biomarkers of 'on' and 'off' targets.

Adhesion molecules

Apoptosis proteins

CD markers

Cytokines and cytokine receptors

Elipair kits

Bioactive small molecule standards

The bioactive small molecule standards range of high purity and exceptional quality include established receptor ligands, ion channels and signaling pathway modulators as well as enzyme inhibitors. These are ideal controls in profiling assays in any format. Bulk quantities and bespoke requirements are available on request.

ADMET and MitoTox™​​

Drug-induced mitochondrial toxicity is recognized as a contributor to compound attrition and even post-market drug withdrawals.

MitoTox™ solutions offer products for mitochondrial assay analysis and measurement of the key parameters of mitochondrial function.

Discover our assays for drug toxicity.

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