Custom products and licensing overview

We are the world’s leading monoclonal antibody provider and specialize in the generation of novel antibodies. With over 3,000 successful custom projects, you can be confident that we can deliver the right antibody for your application.

The Custom Products and Licensing team are here to help commercial partners with everything on the journey from development to market. Our services include product customization, custom antibody development, downstream assay development, project management, and intellectual property (IP)/licensing services.

Customization of catalog products

All custom formulations come with the same standard of validation and support you expect from our catalog products. Our services include customizations such as different sizes and buffer systems as well as a wide range of conjugation services.

Custom formulation and conjugation services

Custom antibody development

With the broadest range of technologies on the market, our custom antibody development services can deliver an antibody that meets the precise binding and biophysical requirements of your application. Our main antibody development technologies are

RabMAb®  technology

  • Proprietary rabbit monoclonal antibody platform
  • Higher specificity and sensitivity than mouse monoclonal antibodies
  • Broad diversity of epitope recognition including short peptides, small molecules, point mutations, and post-translational modifications (PTMs)

NGS-RabMAb®: next generation sequencing-based platform

  • Single-cell paired sequencing with retained heavy and light chain pairing
  • 10–100-fold increase in the number of antibody clones for evaluation
  • Clustering algorithm for rational clone selection and discovery of rare binders

AxioMx: phage display platform

  • Rapid antibody discovery in 8–10 weeks
  • Animal-free system for generating binders to toxic antigens
  • CDR grafting, antibody framework optimization, CAR-T fusions, and affinity maturation

Assay platforms

We also offer a range of custom assay services that offer significant improvements over existing assay technologies. Our assay technologies include

SimpleStep ELISA® kits

  • One-wash sandwich ELISA for quick and sensitive results in 90 minutes
  • Broad dynamic range reduces the need for multiple sample dilutions
  • Uses monoclonal antibodies
  • Validated and tested in biological samples
  • Available in 384-well plate formats

FirePlex® immunoassays (multiplex)

  • Reliable quantification from <1 to 30,000 pg/mL with a median assay sensitivity of 0.5 pg/mL
  • Assemble your own custom panel from assays from more than 200 analytes or select a pre-designed cytokine panel
  • Premade panels include recombinant monoclonal antibodies
  • Run on your existing flow cytometer

FirePlex® miRNA assays (multiplex)

  • Assay straight from crude biofluids
  • Select up to 400 miRNAs per panel and analyze up 65 miRNAs per well from just 20 µL of sample
  • Choose miRNAs from any database and any species to build the panel you need
  • Run on your existing flow cytometer

Custom service partnerships

Our expert team is ready to guide you every step of the way, to make sure you end up with the optimal antibody for your application. Each custom development or generation project is assigned a project manager who gives you access to a team of experts. We can help you with every aspect of your project from selecting the right immunogen to downstream manufacturing, assay development, IP management, and commercial licensing.

End-to-end services

Quality standards

We manufacture our antibodies to the highest standards and offer ISO 9001 certification for all rabbit monoclonal antibodies, guaranteeing lot-to-lot consistency and security of supply. Our immunohistochemistry (IHC) reagents site in California is registered with USFDA and operates under USFDA Quality System Regulation (21 CFR Part 820) and in compliance with ISO 13485:2003. In addition, this facility and its quality system have a Medical Device Manufacturing License granted by California Department of Public Health (CDPH).


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