Question (74134) | Anti-Calretinin antibody (ab702)

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I would like to know the expiration date of the antibody ab702, lot number 877133.


We do not have specific use by dates for our products.

If stored correctly, antibodies remain suitable for use for months and even for years. We are pleased to provide our guarantee for 1 year after purchase.

Please review and follow carefully the storage instructions on the individual datasheets.

For more tips on how to store antibodies on our website (

We suggest the following approximate use by dates for antibodies depending on which temperature they are recommended to be stored at:

room temperature: 1 week

+ 4°C: 1 year

- 20°C: 5 years

- 80°C: 10 years

Other product types are also guaranteed for 1 year. However, specific storage instructions are provided on datasheets and protocol booklets. Sometimes kit components will have a shorter shelf life once reconstituted or prepared and details are provided in protocol booklets for kits.