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Question (27108) | Recombinant human Galectin 3 protein (ab89487)

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Thank you for your response. We can provide new vial from the same lot. After reviewing and discussing this issue carefully with the originator, I would like to clarify that both Abcam  batch numbers GR 46331-3 (two free of charge replacement vials No:959627) and GR 46331-2 (No:972126) correspond to a unique lot (lot# 0942901). Furthermore, it was indeed the same lot which was shipped to you previously on two separate orders (No: 938829 and 898042). The originator didn’t produce a new lot at the time because after re-testing it, they found that the case was most likely isolated (the protein might have been damaged somewhere along the way). Just to confirm that we still have one vial from exactly the same lot in our US stock. I look forward to hearing from you soon.