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Question (17432) | Recombinant Human UBE2I / UBC9 protein (ab3803)

I purchased Ubc9 Protein (ab3803) and want to do sumoylation assay and in vitro binding assay. My question is Is there any tag such as His or Flag in the Ubc9 protein? It is important as my substrate is His tagged and I will use His antibody for the detectioin. Thanks

Thank you for your enquiry. The Uba 2 protein ab3803 is not tagged. However, it does contain his-rich regions which might cross-react with antibodies against the 6x-His epitope tag. According to our datasheet during western analysis with anti-6x-His antibodies, Uba 2 at 80 kDa might be shown. I hope this information helps, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.