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Question (46024) | Natural Human Fibronectin protein (ab80021)

Some months ago(9 dec 2011), after your suggestion, we bought your EasyLink Rhodamine kit (ab102914)and human Fibronectin 2mg (ab80021). Before using the kit we tried to dissolve the Fibronectin as suggested in the technical datasheet. We first tried with 1ml of HEPES and then we add 1ml more because it was still undissolved. At the moment there are some Fn flakes floating in the solution. Which should be the problem? We stored it at 4°C before reconstitution, but now we are not able to use it because it does not dissolve completely as expected, even if we diluted 1mg/ml.

As stated on the datasheet, the Fibronectin proteinhttps://www.abcam.com/ab80021is lyophilised and should bereconstitutedwith 1mlof water, notwith HEPES.