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Question (14257) | Natural Carcino Embryonic Antigen CEA protein (ab742)

I have questions about the CEA antibodies and CEA proteins. You have 4 CEA mouse antidodies which could be used in WB. They are AB10038,10039, 10037, and 11330. I want to know what part of the CEA that these antidoies recogonize. i will express full length and truncated CEA in yeast and want to detect the expression by WB. The truncated CEA doesn't have the 34aa N terminal signal peptide and 16aa c terminal hydrophobic domain, and there for won't be glycosylated; which of your antidoies will recognize it? I also want to buy a purified CEA protein as a positive control in WB, you also have two in your product list, which are ab742 and ab2282; i didn't find the differences between them, and which one you think could be used as a positive standard in WB. and what it will like in WB, signal band or a smear band?

Thank you for your enquiry. For the following antibodies, epitope specificity is given per ISOBM classification and we have only following information: Ab10038 - Epitope specificity group IV, cross-reactive with NCA2. Ab10039 - Epitope specificity group IV. Ab10037 - Epitope specificity group IVa or IV/VI. Ab11330 - The epitope has not been determined; this antibody reacts specifically with human CEA (CD66e, 180 kDa) from several types of malignant tissues including colorectal, lung and breast tumors. Ab10038 is not suitable for use in Western blotting. Ab742 is suitable as immunogen for antisera production, tracer for iodination and standard for immunoassay. Specificity was determined by SDS-PAGE denaturating: multiple protein bands 150 - 210 kDa. Ab2282 is the mitogen free version of ab742. Ab2282 is suitable as an immunogen for antisera production, a tracer for iodination and as a standard for immunoassays. It is specifically depleted from traces of mitogens, therefore it is suitable for in vitro and in vivo studies of specific immune responses (vaccine trials).