Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Cultured Cells (with Dounce Homogenizer) (ab110171)


  • 製品名
    Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Cultured Cells (with Dounce Homogenizer)
    Mitochondria Isolation キット 製品一覧
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  • 種交差性
    交差種: Other species, Mammals
  • 製品の概要

    ab110171 contains sufficient reagents for up to 20 benchtop mitochondria isolations from mammalian cultured cells. Isolated mitochondria can be analyzed by Western Blotting, Immunocapture, or Activity assay.





  • Isolated mitochondria show enriched signal when compared to the whole cell extract. In lane 1, MRC5 mitochondria isolated with Abcam's ab110171/MS853 Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Cultured Cells (with Dounce Homogenizer) were loaded at 20 µg. In lanes 2 and 3, post-spin supernatant (SN) and whole cell extract were loaded at 20 µg.



This product has been referenced in:
  • Paredes F  et al. Poldip2 is an oxygen-sensitive protein that controls PDH and aKGDH lipoylation and activation to support metabolic adaptation in hypoxia and cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 115:1789-1794 (2018). Read more (PubMed: 29434038) »
  • Uchihara Y  et al. Taxodione induces apoptosis in BCR-ABL-positive cells through ROS generation. Biochem Pharmacol 154:357-372 (2018). Read more (PubMed: 29859988) »

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レビューと Q&A

1. Yes, the kit isolates intact mitochondria
2. We recommend lysing the mitochondria for IP using lauryl maltoside:
10% lauryl maltoside: ab109857,
15% lauryl maltoside: ab109...

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Reagent C of ab110171 can be frozen. This may extend the shelf-life of the reagent, particularly if it has been opened and a bacterial growth is of concern. Since we do not provide the protease inhibitors, we do not know how stable the protease inhibit...

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Thank you for contacting me. You are welcome with any questions.

I double checked with the laboratory. Reagent A contains no protein. It is a buffered solution containing sucrose and optimised detergents. Regrettably the exact contents it prop...

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Thank you for contacting us.

The homogenizer is borosilicate glass and is reusable. Below is a link to a full description and picture:


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Thank you for contacting us.

Samples may be prepared as purified mitochondria, crudemitochondria. In most cases whole tissue or cell lysates aresuitable but these may require some sample optimization. Mitochondria samples can be prepared bys...

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Thanks for your enquiry.

We have two kits that are designed to isolate mitochondria:

1. ab110168 - Mitochondrial isolation kit for tissues
2. ab110171 - Mitochondrial isolation kit for cultured cells

You can check t...

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Thank you for contacting us and reporting the problems this customer has been having with the Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Cultured Cells kits (ab110170 and ab110171).

As mentioned, I have consulted with the lab in MitoSciences to get their...

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Thank you for your enquiry.

The Dounce Homogenizer in this kit is made of glass and includes 2 pestles, and one 2ml column. I have included an image for your reference.

If there is anything else that I can help you with please do ...

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Thank you for your call yesterday and for your patience while I have been in touch with the lab regarding ab110171.

The lab used the following procedure to run the mitochondrial fraction on a Western blot:

1. Measure the protein con...

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If you are planning to use our activity kits to measure complex I activity,there is no needto keep the mitochondria viable. Whole mito preparations may be frozen at -80C and thawed at a later stage for enzyme activity. Howeverfor respiration experiment...

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