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Question (65131) | LY 379268 (ab120196)

Thank you very much for your professionalism. I'll let you know the outcome of this lot. I have discussed the problem with my collaborators who have used LY379268 and have made stock solutions of relatively high concentrations (up to 100mM). They suggest adding 1eq NaOH at the same time as the water. Would you please check with your chemists to see if this is a reasonable method. I would like to hear from Abcam before I try this with the new product you are sending me.
Sincerely yours,

My colleagues have carried out NMR and solubility testing with LY 379268 (ab120196). The NMR confirms that this compound is definitely LY 379268 and they have had no issue with solubility, even though the chemist reported that it took some time and prolonged stirring.
Could you please let me know if the replacement sample is easier to dissolve than the original one?
My colleagues are considering testing the sample you received originally, could you please let me know if you still have some of LY 379268 from the first vial and if it would be ok with you to send a small quantity back to us?
Thank you.