Question (17102) | ABCA1 peptide (ab14148)

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We have purchased your product ab14148 ABCA1-KLH conjugate. We wanted to make use of this in developing ELISA for ABCA1. So could you provide me information regarding the ratio of conjugation of ABCA1 peptide to KLH in your product. I mean that how many molecules to ABCA1 are attaching to one molecule of KLH. Also wanted to know about the concentration you mentioned on your product. Whether, this is the concentration of ABCA1 peptide only or as whole ABCA1-KLH conjugate. looking forward for your kind response.


Thank you for your enquiry. I am sorry but following correspondence with the lab I can tell you that the KLH conjugation is actually a mistake. This antibody is NOT conjugated to a carrier molecule. I have amended the datasheet to reflect this. Please let me apologise for this confusion.