StayGreen/AP (Alcohol and Xylene Substitute Compatible) (ab103745)


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    StayGreen/AP (Alcohol and Xylene Substitute Compatible)
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    PermaGreen/AP is a substrate chromogen system designed to be used for either IHC or ISH when using alkaline phosphate detection. PermaGreen/AP produces a strong green color. It is insoluble in alcohol and xylene solutions (both aliphatic and hydrocarbon based) therefore sections can be dehydrated in alcohol, cleared in xylene substitute and permenently mounted.


    Working Solution

    Aliquot 3ml of StayGreen/AP substrate buffer in a mixing bottle. Add 20µl (one drop) of concentrated StayGreen/AP chromogen. Replace tip, mix and allow the solution to reach room temperature before using.

    Note: The working chromagen-substrate solution should be prepared fresh and used withing 1 day of preparation. Any solution not used during this peeriod should be discarded.


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    1. After SA-AP or AP-polymer incubation incubation, wash tissue sections with wash buffer.
    • Wipe slides removing excess buffer. Add enough drops of StayGreen/AP working solution to cover tissue sections.


    • Incubate for 30 minutes at room temperature. For optimal results, observe reaction under the microscope for signal developmant. Once the desired signal to noise ratio is acheived, stop the reaction by rinsing the slides with DI H2O.


    Note: Increasing incubation temperature to 37°C will increase sensitivity and decrease needed incubation time.

    • Counterstain. Hematoxylin or Nuclear Fast Red prvides good contrast. Wash with DI H2O.


    • Dehydrate sections in alcohol, clear xylene substitute and mount in permenant mounting medium.


    Note: Use increasing concentrations of ethanol (up to 100%) to dehydrate. Use xylene substitute instead of xylene.

    • Alternatively, slides can be air dried. After rinsing ff counterstain in DI H2O, leave the slides on the benchtop for at least 20 minutes to air dry, then permanently mount.


    StayGreen/AP (Alcohol and Xylene Substitute Compatible) 画像

    • StayGreen/AP staining AE1 + AE3 in Human tonsil tissue by Immunohistochemistry (Formalin/PFA-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections).

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    The Components are:
    (i) 30mL PermaGreen/AP Substrate Buffer.
    (ii) 1mL concentrated PermaGreen/AP Chromogen.
    (iii) One empty mixing dropping bottle.
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