Anti-PRAS40 (phospho T246) 抗体 (ab59171)


  • 製品名
    Anti-PRAS40 (phospho T246) antibody
    PRAS40 一次抗体 製品一覧
  • 製品の詳細
    Rabbit polyclonal to PRAS40 (phospho T246)
  • 特異性
    Detects endogenous levels of AKT1 only when phosphorylated at thereonine 246. Detects phosphorylation in human at threonine 246, in mouse at threonine 247 and in rat at threonine 262.
  • アプリケーション
    適用あり: WB, ELISAmore details
  • 種交差性
    交差種: Human
    交差が予測される動物種: Mouse, Rat
  • 免疫原

    Synthetic phosphopeptide (Human) from around the phosphorylation site of threonine 246 (LNTPSD)

  • ポジティブ・コントロール
    • HepG2 cell extract treated with PDGF



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アプリケーション Abreviews 特記事項
WB 1/500 - 1/1000. Detects a band of approximately 45 kDa (predicted molecular weight: 56 kDa).
ELISA 1/10000.


  • 機能
    Subunit of mTORC1, which regulates cell growth and survival in response to nutrient and hormonal signals. mTORC1 is activated in response to growth factors or amino-acids. Growth factor-stimulated mTORC1 activation involves a AKT1-mediated phosphorylation of TSC1-TSC2, which leads to the activation of the RHEB GTPase that potently activates the protein kinase activity of mTORC1. Amino-acid-signaling to mTORC1 requires its relocalization to the lysosomes mediated by the Ragulator complex and the Rag GTPases. Activated mTORC1 up-regulates protein synthesis by phosphorylating key regulators of mRNA translation and ribosome synthesis. mTORC1 phosphorylates EIF4EBP1 and releases it from inhibiting the elongation initiation factor 4E (eiF4E). mTORC1 phosphorylates and activates S6K1 at 'Thr-389', which then promotes protein synthesis by phosphorylating PDCD4 and targeting it for degradation. Within mTORC1, AKT1S1 negatively regulates mTOR activity in a manner that is dependent on its phosphorylation state and binding to 14-3-3 proteins. Inhibits RHEB-GTP-dependent mTORC1 activation. Substrate for AKT1 phosphorylation, but can also be activated by AKT1-independent mechanisms. May also play a role in nerve growth factor-mediated neuroprotection.
  • 組織特異性
    Widely expressed with highest levels of expression in liver and heart. Expressed at higher levels in cancer cell lines (e.g. A549 and HeLa) than in normal cell lines (e.g. HEK293).
  • 翻訳後修飾
    Phosphorylated by AKT1. Phosphorylation relieves inhibitory function on mTORC1.
  • 細胞内局在
    Cytoplasm > cytosol. Found in the cytosolic fraction of the brain.
  • Information by UniProt
  • 参照データベース
  • 別名
    • 40 kDa proline rich AKT substrate antibody
    • 40 kDa proline-rich AKT substrate antibody
    • AKT1 S1 antibody
    • AKT1 substrate 1 (proline rich) antibody
    • AKT1 substrate 1 antibody
    • AKT1S 1 antibody
    • AKT1S1 antibody
    • AKTS1_HUMAN antibody
    • Lobe antibody
    • MGC2865 antibody
    • PRAS 40 antibody
    • PRAS antibody
    • PRAS40 antibody
    • Proline rich akt substrate antibody
    • Proline rich Akt substrate 40 kDa antibody
    • Proline-rich AKT1 substrate 1 antibody
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Anti-PRAS40 (phospho T246) antibody 画像

  • All lanes : Anti-PRAS40 (phospho T246) antibody (ab59171) at 1/500 dilution

    Lane 1 : HepG2 cell extract treated with PDGF (50ng/ml, 30 mins)
    Lane 2 : HepG2 cell extract treated with PDGF (50ng/ml, 30 mins) with phospho peptide

    Predicted band size : 56 kDa
    Observed band size : 45 kDa (why is the actual band size different from the predicted?)


Anti-PRAS40 (phospho T246) antibody (ab59171) 使用論文

ab59171 has not yet been referenced specifically in any publications.

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