Anti-PHD2 / prolyl hydroxylase 抗体 (ab4561)


  • 製品名Anti-PHD2 / prolyl hydroxylase antibody
    PHD2 / prolyl hydroxylase 一次抗体 製品一覧
  • 製品の詳細
    Rabbit polyclonal to PHD2 / prolyl hydroxylase
  • 特異性Specific for HIF prolyl hydroxylase 2.
  • アプリケーション適用あり: ICC/IF, IP, WBmore details
  • 種交差性
    交差種: Human
  • 免疫原

    A synthetic peptide made to an internal fragment (between aa residues 1-50) of human HIF prolyl hydroxylase 2.



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アプリケーション Abreviews 特記事項
ICC/IF Use a concentration of 5 µg/ml.
IP Use at an assay dependent concentration.
WB 1/1000. Detects a band of approximately 46 kDa (predicted molecular weight: 46 kDa).


  • 機能Catalyzes the post-translational formation of 4-hydroxyproline in hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) alpha proteins. Hydroxylates HIF-1 alpha at 'Pro-402' and 'Pro-564', and HIF-2 alpha. Functions as a cellular oxygen sensor and, under normoxic conditions, targets HIF through the hydroxylation for proteasomal degradation via the von Hippel-Lindau ubiquitination complex.
  • 組織特異性According to PubMed:11056053, widely expressed with highest levels in skeletal muscle and heart, moderate levels in pancreas, brain (dopaminergic neurons of adult and fetal substantia nigra) and kidney, and lower levels in lung and liver. According to PubMed:12351678 widely expressed with highest levels in brain, kidney and adrenal gland. Expressed in cardiac myocytes, aortic endothelial cells and coronary artery smooth muscle.
  • 関連疾患Defects in EGLN1 are the cause of erythrocytosis familial type 3 (ECYT3) [MIM:609820]. ECYT3 is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by increased serum red blood cell mass, elevated serum hemoglobin and hematocrit, and normal serum erythropoietin levels.
  • 配列類似性Contains 1 Fe2OG dioxygenase domain.
    Contains 1 MYND-type zinc finger.
  • Information by UniProt
  • 参照データベース
  • 別名
    • C1ORF12 antibody
    • Chromosome 1 Open Reading Frame 12 antibody
    • DKFZp761F179 antibody
    • ECYT 3 antibody
    • ECYT3 antibody
    • EGL 9 homolog of C. elegans 1 antibody
    • EGL nine (C.elegans) homolog 1 antibody
    • Egl nine homolog 1 (C. elegans) antibody
    • Egl nine homolog 1 antibody
    • Egl nine like protein 1 antibody
    • EGLN 1 antibody
    • Egln1 antibody
    • EGLN1_HUMAN antibody
    • HIF PH2 antibody
    • HIF Prolyl Hydroxylase 2 antibody
    • HIF-PH2 antibody
    • HIF-prolyl hydroxylase 2 antibody
    • HIFP4H 2 antibody
    • HIFPH2 antibody
    • HPH 2 antibody
    • HPH-2 antibody
    • HPH2 antibody
    • Hypoxia inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase 2 antibody
    • Hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase 2 antibody
    • ORF13 antibody
    • P4H2 antibody
    • PHD 2 antibody
    • PhD2 antibody
    • PNAS 118 antibody
    • PNAS 137 antibody
    • Prolyl Hydroxylase Domain Containing Protein 2 antibody
    • Prolyl hydroxylase domain-containing protein 2 antibody
    • Rat Homolog of SM20 antibody
    • SM 20 antibody
    • SM-20 antibody
    • SM20 antibody
    • Zinc finger MYND domain containing protein 6 antibody
    • ZMYND6 antibody
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Anti-PHD2 / prolyl hydroxylase antibody 画像

  • All lanes : Anti-PHD2 / prolyl hydroxylase antibody (ab4561) at 1/1000 dilution

    Lane 1 : U2OS osteosarcoma cells (untreated) - whole cell lysate
    Lane 2 : U2OS osteosarcoma cells (100uM DFO for 24 hours) - whole cell lysate

    Lysates/proteins at 20 µg per lane.

    HRP conjugated goat anti-rabbit
    Developed using the ECL technique

    Performed under reducing conditions.

    Predicted band size : 46 kDa
    Observed band size : 50 kDa (why is the actual band size different from the predicted?)

    This image is courtesy of an anonymous Abreview

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  • ICC/IF image of ab4561 stained MCF7 cells. The cells were 100% methanol fixed (5 min) and then incubated in 1%BSA / 10% normal goat serum / 0.3M glycine in 0.1% PBS-Tween for 1h to permeabilise the cells and block non-specific protein-protein interactions. The cells were then incubated with the antibody (ab4561, 5µg/ml) overnight at +4°C. The secondary antibody (green) was Alexa Fluor® 488 goat anti-rabbit IgG (H+L) used at a 1/1000 dilution for 1h. Alexa Fluor® 594 WGA was used to label plasma membranes (red) at a 1/200 dilution for 1h. DAPI was used to stain the cell nuclei (blue) at a concentration of 1.43µM.

Anti-PHD2 / prolyl hydroxylase antibody (ab4561) 使用論文

This product has been referenced in:
  • Germain MA  et al. Elucidating novel hepatitis C virus-host interactions using combined mass spectrometry and functional genomics approaches. Mol Cell Proteomics 13:184-203 (2014). Human . Read more (PubMed: 24169621) »
  • Carrera S  et al. The role of the HIF-1a transcription factor in increased cell division at physiological oxygen tensions. PLoS One 9:e97938 (2014). WB ; Human . Read more (PubMed: 24835245) »

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Indeed we have an Anti-PHD2 / prolyl hydroxylase antibodywith catalog number ab4561. However, this is a rabbit polyclonal antibody, and I cannot find any hints that the host species or clonality has changed.
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Abcam guarantees this product to work in the species/application used in this Abreview.
Application Immunoprecipitation
Sample Human Cell lysate - whole cell (HEK293, U2OS and HeLa cells)
Total protein in input 400000 cells
Specification HEK293, U2OS and HeLa cells
Immuno-precipitation step Other - Exacta-Cruz IP matrix from Santa Cruz

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Merci de votre intérêt pour ab4561.

Je suis heureuse de vous confirmer, que l'immunogène de cet anticorps ab4561 à 100% de homologie avec la séquence correspondante bovine. Les chances que cet anticorps r&eac...

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Abcam guarantees this product to work in the species/application used in this Abreview.
Application Western blot
Sample Human Cell lysate - whole cell (U2OS osteosarcoma cells)
Loading amount 20 µg
Specification U2OS osteosarcoma cells
Treatment 100 µM DFO
Gel Running Conditions Reduced Denaturing
Blocking step Milk as blocking agent for 1 hour(s) and 0 minute(s) · Concentration: 5% · Temperature: 20°C

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Thank you for your enquiry. The exact immunogen sequence is unfortunately proprietary information but I can tell you that it does contain amino acid 125. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information,

NB 100-137 was tested on HeLa whole cell extracts (hypoxic and normoxic), the recombinant protein, and 293 cells. All were positive. MEF cells were negative. NB 100-139 has been tested against 293, glioblastoma, and overexpressed cells. HeLa was ...

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