Multiplex Cellular miRNA Assay

Profile up to 68 miRNAs per well in just four steps, without the need for reverse transcription, library preparation or amplification. Our Multiplex Cellular miRNA Assay uses Firefly™ particle technology to enable simultaneous analysis of 68 miRNAs per well in a high-throughput 96-well plate based format with readout on a standard flow cytometer. Find product information, guides and technical notes to support the Multiplex Cellular miRNA Assay.


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Read our short guide to help you select the right core reagent kit and particle panel to build your complete multiplex miRNA assay.

Cellular or circulating miRNA assay?

Find out which is right for you with our guide to multiplex miRNA assays.

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Cellular miRNA assay technical note.

We give an overview of our Multiplex Cellular miRNA Assay and provide a comparison of assay performance on common flow cytometers.

Focus panels for the cellular assay

Try our new panels, specifically designed to help you profile 68 miRNAs per well across multiple samples.

Streamlined data analysis

Find out how our Firefly™ Analysis Workbench software simplifies your data analysis and generates publication-ready images.