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Multiplex immunoassays for flow cytometers


Use ​FireflyTM particle assays​ for greater freedom to select which cytokines to multiplex together and the convenience of analysis on your flow cytometer or using our profiling services. Our particle technology allows quantitation of up to 75 protein analytes per well using just 12.5 μL of sample.

Our multiplex immunoassays for flow cytometers are not currently supported in Japan. For more details please contact sales@abcam.com.


​​Your perfect cytokine panel 

Greater freedom to select which analytes to multiplex together.

Cytokine profiling service

Results fast. Supported by the scientists who developed the assays.

One platform for miRNA and cytokine multiplex ​assays 

FireflyTM particles enable multiplexing on your flow cytometer.

Sensitive, specific and accurate performance

Assays are extensively tested using samples such as plasma, serum and culture supernatant. 

Run the assay in your lab

​Multiplex immunoassays with the convenience of analysis by flow cytometry. Join our early access program.

Panel and assay list

Find out which human and mouse cytokines you can quantify with the assay.