Human FOXO3A (phospho S253) peptide (ab27885)



  • 由来Synthetic


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The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

  • アプリケーション

    Blocking - Blocking peptide for Anti-FOXO3A (phospho S253) antibody (ab31109)

  • 製品の状態Liquid
  • 備考

    - First try to dissolve a small amount of peptide in either water or buffer. The more charged residues on a peptide, the more soluble it is in aqueous solutions.
    - If the peptide doesn’t dissolve try an organic solvent e.g. DMSO, then dilute using water or buffer.
    - Consider that any solvent used must be compatible with your assay. If a peptide does not dissolve and you need to recover it, lyophilise to remove the solvent.
    - Gentle warming and sonication can effectively aid peptide solubilisation. If the solution is cloudy or has gelled the peptide may be in suspension rather than solubilised.
    - Peptides containing cysteine are easily oxidised, so should be prepared in solution just prior to use.

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  • 保存方法および安定性

    Shipped at 4°C. Upon delivery aliquot and store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze / thaw cycles.

    Information available upon request.


  • 別名
    • AF6q21
    • AF6q21 protein
    • DKFZp781A0677
    • FKHR2
    • FKHRL 1
    • FKHRL1
    • FKHRL1P2
    • Forkhead (Drosophila) homolog (rhabdomyosarcoma) like 1
    • Forkhead box O3
    • Forkhead box O3A
    • Forkhead box protein O3
    • Forkhead box protein O3A
    • Forkhead Drosophila homolog of in rhabdomyosarcoma like 1
    • Forkhead homolog (rhabdomyosarcoma) like 1
    • Forkhead in rhabdomyosarcoma like 1
    • Forkhead in rhabdomyosarcoma-like 1
    • FOX O3A
    • FOXO2
    • foxo3
    • FOXO3A
    • MGC12739
    • MGC31925
    see all
  • 機能Transcriptional activator which triggers apoptosis in the absence of survival factors, including neuronal cell death upon oxidative stress. Recognizes and binds to the DNA sequence 5'-[AG]TAAA[TC]A-3'.
  • 組織特異性Ubiquitous.
  • 関連疾患Note=A chromosomal aberration involving FOXO3 is found in secondary acute leukemias. Translocation t(6;11)(q21;q23) with MLL/HRX.
  • 配列類似性Contains 1 fork-head DNA-binding domain.
  • 翻訳後修飾In the presence of survival factors such as IGF-1, phosphorylated on Thr-32 and Ser-253 by AKT1/PKB. This phosphorylated form then interacts with 14-3-3 proteins and is retained in the cytoplasm. Survival factor withdrawal induces dephosphorylation and promotes translocation to the nucleus where the dephosphorylated protein induces transcription of target genes and triggers apoptosis. Although AKT1/PKB doesn't appear to phosphorylate Ser-315 directly, it may activate other kinases that trigger phosphorylation at this residue. Phosphorylated by STK4 on Ser-209 upon oxidative stress, which leads to dissociation from YWHAB/14-3-3-beta and nuclear translocation. Phosphorylated by PIM1.
  • 細胞内局在Cytoplasm > cytosol. Nucleus. Translocates to the nucleus upon oxidative stress and in the absence of survival factors.
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