Anti-hnRNP D/AUF1 (phospho S83) 抗体 (ab61096)


  • 製品名Anti-hnRNP D/AUF1 (phospho S83) antibody
    hnRNP D/AUF1 一次抗体 製品一覧
  • 製品の詳細
    Rabbit polyclonal to hnRNP D/AUF1 (phospho S83)
  • 特異性Detects hnRNP D/AUF1 only when phosphorylated at serine 83.
  • アプリケーション適用あり: WB, ELISA, IHC-Pmore details
  • 種交差性
    交差種: Human
    交差が予測される動物種: Mouse
  • 免疫原

    Synthesized phosphopeptide derived from human hnRNP D/AUF1 around the phosphorylation site of serine 83 (N-S-SP-P-R).

  • ポジティブ・コントロール
    • Human lung carcinoma


  • 製品の状態Liquid
  • 保存方法Shipped at 4°C. Store at -20°C. Stable for 12 months at -20°C.
  • バッファーPreservative: 0.02% Sodium Azide
    Constituents: 50% Glycerol, PBS, 150mM Sodium chloride, pH 7.4
  • Concentration information loading...
  • 精製度Immunogen affinity purified
  • 特記事項(精製)Affinity-purified from rabbit antiserum by affinity-chromatography, using epitope-specific phosphopeptide. The antibody against non-phosphopeptide was removed by chromatography using non-phosphopeptide corresponding to the phosphorylation site.
  • ポリ/モノポリクローナル
  • アイソタイプIgG
  • 研究分野


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アプリケーション Abreviews 特記事項
WB 1/500 - 1/1000. Predicted molecular weight: 38 kDa.
ELISA 1/20000.
IHC-P 1/50 - 1/100.


  • 機能Binds with high affinity to RNA molecules that contain AU-rich elements (AREs) found within the 3'-UTR of many proto-oncogenes and cytokine mRNAs. Also binds to double- and single-stranded DNA sequences in a specific manner and functions a transcription factor. Each of the RNA-binding domains specifically can bind solely to a single-stranded non-monotonous 5'-UUAG-3' sequence and also weaker to the single-stranded 5'-TTAGGG-3' telomeric DNA repeat. Binds RNA oligonucleotides with 5'-UUAGGG-3' repeats more tightly than the telomeric single-stranded DNA 5'-TTAGGG-3' repeats. Binding of RRM1 to DNA inhibits the formation of DNA quadruplex structure which may play a role in telomere elongation. May be involved in translationally coupled mRNA turnover. Implicated with other RNA-binding proteins in the cytoplasmic deadenylation/translational and decay interplay of the FOS mRNA mediated by the major coding-region determinant of instability (mCRD) domain.
  • 配列類似性Contains 2 RRM (RNA recognition motif) domains.
  • 翻訳後修飾Arg-345 is dimethylated, probably to asymmetric dimethylarginine.
    Methylated by PRMT1, in an insulin-dependent manner. The PRMT1-mediated methylation regulates tyrosine phosphorylation.
  • 細胞内局在Nucleus. Cytoplasm. Localized in cytoplasmic mRNP granules containing untranslated mRNAs. Component of ribonucleosomes.
  • Information by UniProt
  • 参照データベース
  • 別名
    • ARE binding protein AUFI type A antibody
    • AU-rich element RNA-binding protein 1 antibody
    • AUF antibody
    • AUF1 antibody
    • AUF1A antibody
    • Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein D0 antibody
    • hnRNP D antibody
    • hnRNP D0 antibody
    • Hnrnpd antibody
    • hnRNPD0 antibody
    • HNRPD antibody
    • HNRPD_HUMAN antibody
    • P37 antibody
    see all

Anti-hnRNP D/AUF1 (phospho S83) antibody 画像

  • 1/50-1/100 ab61096 staining phosphorilated hnRNP D/AUF1 on human lung carcinoma tissue sections, in the absence or presence of the immunizing phosphopeptide.

Anti-hnRNP D/AUF1 (phospho S83) antibody (ab61096) 使用論文

ab61096 has not yet been referenced specifically in any publications.

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Application Western blot
Sample Pig Cell lysate - whole cell (kidney, LLCPK1-F+)
Loading amount 20 µg
Specification kidney, LLCPK1-F+
Treatment Cells grown in pH 7.4 or pH 6.9 media
Gel Running Conditions Reduced Denaturing (10%)
Blocking step (agent) for 2 hour(s) and 0 minute(s) · Concentration: 100% · Temperature: 25°C

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