Glucose Assay Kit - reducing agent compatible (ab102517)


  • 製品名Glucose Assay Kit - reducing agent compatible
    Glucose キット 製品一覧
  • サンプルの種類
    Cell culture supernatant, Urine, Serum, Plasma, Other biological fluids, Tissue Extracts
  • アッセイタイプQuantitative
  • 検出感度
    > 0.02 mM
  • 検出範囲
    0.02 mM - 10 mM
  • 全工程の試験時間
    0h 30m
  • 製品の概要

    Glucose Assay Kit (ab102517) provides direct measurement of glucose in various biological samples, and it is particularly suitable for serum and urine samples since it is unaffected by reducing substances, which can interfere with detection in oxidase-based kits. In this assay, glucose is specifically oxidized to generate a product which reacts with a dye to generate color (λ = 450 nm) whose intensity is proportional to glucose concentration. The method is rapid, simple, sensitive, and suitable for high throughput. The assay is also suitable for monitoring glucose level during fermentation and glucose feeding in protein expression processes. The kit can detect glucose concentrations in the range of 20µM-10mM.
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  • 特記事項

    Glucose is an important fuel source to generate the universal energy molecule ATP. Serum glucose level is a key diagnostic parameter for many metabolic disorders.

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  • 関連性Glucose (C6H12O6; FW: 180.16) is a ubiquitous energy source in most organisms, from bacteria to humans. The breakdown of carbohydrates produces mono- and disaccharides, most of which is glucose. Through glycolysis and TCA (citric acid cycle), glucose is oxidized to eventually form CO2 and water, generating the universal energy molecule ATP. Glucose is a primary source of energy for the brain and a critical component in the production of proteins and in lipid metabolism and therefore measurement of glucose level is a key diagnostic parameter for many metabolic disorders.


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The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

アプリケーション Abreviews 特記事項
Functional Studies Use at an assay dependent dilution.

Glucose Assay Kit - reducing agent compatible 画像

  • Glucose measured in biological fluids. Human samples diluted 20-80 fold. Mouse samples diluted 1-27 fold.

  • Standard curve: mean of duplicates (+/- SD) with background reads subtracted
  • Standard curve for glucose run using the kit protocol


Glucose Assay Kit - reducing agent compatible (ab102517) 使用論文

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The main difference between these two glucose assays is that in ab65333 the probe reacts with hydrogen peroxide and gets oxidized to produce colored compound detectable at 570nm or at Ex/Em 535/587nm. In ab102517, the probe reacts with NADH (produced d...

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I can confirm I would suggest Glucose Detection Kit ab102517or ab65333 Glucose Assay Kitswill be suitable for detection andquantification of glucose in the c...

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I am pleased to provide the further information below regarding the difference between these kits:


Absorbance 570 nm or Fluorescence Ex/Em 535/587 nm


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