Anti-E3 SUMO-protein ligase PIAS4 抗体 (ab13795)


  • 製品名Anti-E3 SUMO-protein ligase PIAS4 antibody
    E3 SUMO-protein ligase PIAS4 一次抗体 製品一覧
  • 製品の詳細
    Rabbit polyclonal to E3 SUMO-protein ligase PIAS4
  • アプリケーション適用あり: WBmore details
  • 種交差性
    交差種: Human
    交差が予測される動物種: Mouse, Rat
  • 免疫原

    Synthetic peptides QLVQFDCSPELFKKIKE and KAVQVVLRICYS, corresponding to amino acids 44-60 and 187-198 of Human PAIAS gamma.



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アプリケーション Abreviews 特記事項
WB Use a concentration of 1 - 2 µg/ml. Detects a band of approximately 55 kDa (predicted molecular weight: 57 kDa).


  • 機能Functions as an E3-type small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO) ligase, stabilizing the interaction between UBE2I and the substrate, and as a SUMO-tethering factor. Plays a crucial role as a transcriptional coregulation in various cellular pathways, including the STAT pathway, the p53 pathway, the Wnt pathway and the steroid hormone signaling pathway. Involved in gene silencing. Promotes PARK7 sumoylation. In Wnt signaling, represses LEF1 and enhances TCF4 transcriptional activities through promoting their sumoylations.
  • 組織特異性Highly expressed in testis and, at lower levels, in spleen, prostate, ovary, colon and peripheral blood leukocytes.
  • パスウェイProtein modification; protein sumoylation.
  • 配列類似性Belongs to the PIAS family.
    Contains 1 PINIT domain.
    Contains 1 SAP domain.
    Contains 1 SP-RING-type zinc finger.
  • ドメインThe LXXLL motif is a coregulator signature that is essential for transcriptional corepression.
  • 翻訳後修飾Sumoylated. Lys-35 is the main site of sumoylation. Sumoylation is required for TCF4 sumoylation and transcriptional activitation. Represses LEF1 transcriptional activity. SUMO1 is the preferred conjugate.
  • 細胞内局在Nucleus > PML body. Colocalizes with SUMO1 and TCF7L2/TCF4 and LEF1 in a subset of PML (promyelocytic leukemia) nuclear bodies.
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  • 参照データベース
  • 別名
    • E3 SUMO protein ligase PIAS4 antibody
    • E3 SUMO-protein ligase PIAS4 antibody
    • FLJ12419 antibody
    • MGC35296 antibody
    • PAIASgamma antibody
    • PIAS 4 antibody
    • PIAS gamma antibody
    • PIAS-gamma antibody
    • Pias4 antibody
    • PIAS4_HUMAN antibody
    • PIASG antibody
    • PIASgamma antibody
    • PIASy antibody
    • Protein inhibitor of activated STAT 4 antibody
    • Protein inhibitor of activated STAT protein 4 antibody
    • Protein inhibitor of activated STAT protein gamma antibody
    • Protein inhibitor of activated STAT protein PIASy antibody
    • Zinc finger MIZ type containing 6 antibody
    • ZMIZ 6 antibody
    • ZMIZ6 antibody
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Anti-E3 SUMO-protein ligase PIAS4 antibody 画像

  • Predicted band size : 57 kDa
  • ab13795 at 1/50 staining human fibroblasts by ICC/IF. The cells were fixed with formaldehyde and blocked with serum prior to incubation with the antibody for 1 hour. An Alexa-Fluor ® 488 conjugated goat anti-rabbit antibody was used as the secondary.

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Anti-E3 SUMO-protein ligase PIAS4 antibody (ab13795) 使用論文

This product has been referenced in:
  • Nath AK  et al. Proteomic-based detection of a protein cluster dysregulated during cardiovascular development identifies biomarkers of congenital heart defects. PLoS One 4:e4221 (2009). Read more (PubMed: 19156209) »

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Application Immunocytochemistry/ Immunofluorescence
Sample Human Cell (fibroblasts)
Specification fibroblasts
Fixative Formaldehyde
Blocking step Serum as blocking agent for 30 minute(s) · Concentration: 10%

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